PE Intent Statement

Through Physical Education at Parc Eglos School, we aim to provide all children with high quality school sport, physical activity and the teaching of skills and knowledge which will help pupils to succeed and achieve their potential as well as to lead physically active lifestyles beyond our primary school. We believe that physical activity inspires all pupils to succeed and excel in physically demanding activities and helps them to become confident in a way which supports their health and fitness throughout their lives. Therefore, we believe that our children should be physically active every day, whether through our daily mile runs, PE lessons, during break and lunchtimes or participating in after school clubs and competitions. We also believe that children should have the opportunity to compete in sport and other activities that build character and help to embed values such as leadership, teamwork, fairness, resilience and respect. Our school participates in many sporting competitions and events outside school, allowing our pupils to compete against a much wider range of pupils, providing a higher level of challenge. Together with signposting to clubs and sporting organisations outside of school, this can lead our pupils to compete at regional, national and even international events. We believe there is a sport/activity that every child can enjoy and participate in. Therefore, we endeavour to give all children experiences throughout the year that they can then choose to follow up within the local community. Above all we want every pupil to enjoy physical activity so that they are inspired to lead fit, active and healthy lifestyles.

The Culture of Physical Education at Parc Eglos means that there are many opportunities beyond the classroom. These include participating in competitions and clubs beyond our own school, we make great links with clubs in the locality, e.g. numerous children in year 6 (2020/2021) joined Helston Cricket Club as a result of the cricket we did during PE; links with Swallows Gymnastics club; Helston Football Club.

Our children are inspired to lead healthy lifestyles, and we encourage them to encourage their parents to be fit and healthy, the desire being to carry on keeping fit for the benefit of their mental health.

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