Computing Intent Statement

At Parc Eglos School, we intend to provide a curriculum which allows children to be masters of technology, rather than slaves to it. Technology is everywhere and plays a pivotal part in students’ lives, therefore, we want to educate our children on how to use it positively, responsibly and safely. We want pupils to be creators, not consumers and aim to prepare them for a working life with technology at the heart. We want the use of technology to support learning across the curriculum, as well as being taught explicitly as a subject in its own right. We aim to create a sense of curiosity, confidence and enthusiasm that is accessible to all children, regardless of any barriers they may have and a curriculum that offers challenge and opportunities for creativity, problem solving and collaboration. We want Computing to support pupils in their understanding of themselves as individuals within their community as well as members of a wider global community and responsible digital citizens.

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Recommended Websites for Parents: – We use Scratch and Scratch Junior throughout the school to teach coding. Scratch is a fun, free and easy to use programming language. – more fun and engaging coding activities for children. – lots of learner guides to help de-mistify terminology and explain tricky computing concepts for children (and adults!) – a fun way to learn touch typing.

Online Safety –  a useful app for parents.

One app for the entire community. We want to help schools take a whole-community approach to online safety. With this app, we’ve created a way for parents, teachers and school staff to have instant access to online safety resources that are comprehensive, up-to-date, and relevant to their role.

EYFS – our Early Years team use the Barefoot Computing approach to teach computational thinking and develop problem-solving skills.