Science Intent Statement

When teaching science at Parc Eglos, we intend to provide a curriculum which caters for the needs and interest of all individuals. We intend to foster and develop skills to both question and understand the natural world; that both support and disagreement of ideas are of equal value when underpinned by evidence, and that both careful analysis and considered reflection are required to move forward.

We aim to prepare children to be successful adults and an aid to our collective future through appreciating underlying relationships and potential consequences to both action and inaction within the natural world.

By underpinning each year group’s learning with the same fundamental ‘Big Idea’ for each topic, children can strengthen and develop their understanding regardless of their academic ability. Once grasped, children are required to extend their knowledge out from the ‘Big Idea’ towards Mastery: to observe it, explain it or hypothesise it functioning within new situations; the causes and effects.

Children will be taught to use scientific vocabulary in order to explain and understand with precision. They will develop their scientific reasoning and logic through carefully structured lessons which include discussion and collaboration as integral to learning. We encourage attention to detail, resourcefulness and critical thinking – and that resilience and struggle is often a necessary step in our universal understanding.

The aim is that science causes children to take more notice of the world around them and that this in turn causes an endless curiosity. Children should leave Parc Eglos instilled with confident, passionate and enthusiastic scientific (questioning) minds – even if they are quite unaware that this is so.

Please click here to see our Science Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement (curriculum statement).

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Year 1

Y1 Seasonal Changes

Y1 Plants

Y1 Everyday Materials

Y1 Animals including Humans

Year 2

Y2 Animals including Humans

Y2 Living Things and their Habitats

Y2 Plants

Y2 Uses of Everyday Materials

Year 3

Y3 Animals including Humans

Y3 Forces and Magnets

Y3 Light

Y3 Plants

Y3 Rocks

Year 4

Y4 Animals including Humans

Y4 Electricity

Y4 Living Things and their Habitats

Y4 Sound

Y4 States of Matter

Year 5

Y5 Animals including Humans

Y5 Earth and Space

Y5 Forces

Y5 Living Things and their Habitats

Y6 Evolution and Inheritance

Year 6

Y6 Animals including Humans

Y6 Electricity

Y6 Light

Y6 Living Things and their Habitats

Y5 Properties and Changes of Materials