At Parc Eglos, we want the very best for all our children and recognise that this is only possible if we communicate effectively with parents/carers.

We encourage all parents/carers to contact us as soon as possible regarding any problems, concerns or questions they may have. You can do this by approaching your child’s class teacher, who is usually available after school. Occasionally, this may not be possible, in which case an alternative time can be arranged via the school office. The Headteacher is also available most mornings before school. If needed, an appointment can be made by phoning or emailing the school office.

We offer teacher-parent consultations twice during the academic year; once in the autumn term and once in the spring term. These meetings are held to discuss your child’s attainment and progress within the curriculum, their behaviour and any concerns you or your child may have. Informal meetings can be arranged aside from these consultations at the parents or teachers wishes. In the summer term, each child receives their end of year report instead of a teacher-parent consultation. The report gives an overview of your child’s academic attainment, progress and effort across the curriculum over the academic year. There is an option to leave feedback about the report and to discuss with your child’s class teacher if needed.

The majority of letters regarding information about the school, events or individual class information are sent via email as we are trying to limit the amount of paper letters we are sending home. If we send any letters via email, we endeavour to update our Facebook page with an announcement. Sometimes, paper letters are still sent home with the children so it is important that you regularly check your child’s book bag.

Letters that require a permission slip or payment (if an event or school trip is taking place) can be completed via ParentPay. Most permission slips can now be accessed and completed on ParentPay at the time of payment by ticking the parental permission box. If any additional information is required, for example, medical or dietary needs, this can also be completed on ParentPay. If you need any support with ParentPay, please contact the school office.

Our Parc Eglos Facebook page is used to communicate important announcements. We encourage you to follow this page so you remain up to date with the latest information at all times. Sometimes these announcements may be made throughout the school day so it is important you receive notifications for this.

Our weekly newsletter is sent via email every Friday. Our newsletter contains a weekly message from Mrs Banner. Whole school news including photos of learning, trips or events that have taken place, a celebration of our weekly achievements, news about events within the local community and a list of important diary dates. We have worked hard to develop our newsletter so that the format is easy to navigate electronically.

We also communicate through Tapestry (Nursery & Foundation) and Google Classroom (KS2) We use these online platforms for the sharing of homework, important news and updates and home learning (in the case of isolation). Class teachers also share photos of events and school trips using these platforms.