28th April 2023

Pupils of the Week Friday 28th April 2023





Charlotte and Finn for always showing the virtue of responsibility.


Reader of the week is Pipa, who is really impressing us with her reading.




Elsie – responsibility

Lowen – responsibility



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Jowan & Abigail – Responsibility- Jowan and Abigail are ALWAYS such responsible members of our class. They are responsible in so many ways – responsible for their learning, responsible for their behaviour, responsible for their environment. They are such wonderful, positive role models and I want to take this opportunity to thank them for all of their hard work!


Mia- Reader of the Week – Mia has impressed all of the adults she has read with since returning after Easter. Her confidence and fluency have improved SOOOO much. It always makes me smile listening to Mia read and seeing how enthusiastic and excited about reading she is, I really hope this love of reading continues!




Alfie & Bowen- Responsibility

Both boys continue to impress us with their positive attitude to learning. They show great responsibility when organising themselves and completing their tasks and activities. Well done, Alfie and Bowen, we are very proud of you both.


Read of the week- Ella

Well done to Ella for her super effort during our reading practise sessions this week. Ella was able to recognised all of the graphemes and was able to blend them together to read the words with automaticity. Thank you for your effort, Ella.


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Arlo is learner of the week this week for his responsibility. I can trust Arlo to help me with anything in the classroom, he is very mature and a pleasure to have around.


Abel – he is showing real responsibility for his learning and for making himself a better learner all of the time. Abel has grown so much in maturity and is now doing things to improve himself without even needing to be asked. Keep it up!


Special mentions for Orla and Louisa for their growing confidence in Maths this week.


Reader of the week – Joshua. Mrs Middleton chose Josh this week as our reader of the week for his sensitive and emotional contribution to their guided reading group. Not only was Josh able to remember what they had read from the week before and retell it, he fully immersed himself into the story and let his emotions really come through.


2 NE


Harry P is learner of the week for his diligence. I have been very impressed this week with Harry’s hard work in all areas of learning. He has remained focussed and determined to do his very best. Well done Harry, keep working hard!


Harry S is learner of the week for the focus he has shown in lessons. His focus has enabled him to achieve the learning outcome and it’s been lovely to see how proud he has been of himself, as have I. Well done Harry, keep it up!


Marla is learner of the week for her determination. She is determined to do her very best in her upcoming challenges and she is putting in the effort to ensure she succeeds. Well done Marla, you’ve done the hard work, now enjoy your success!


Oliver is reader of the week for his comprehension skills in our practise challenge papers.


3 KD


This week we have been thinking about the virtue of ‘responsibility’ so I have chosen children who are always showing that responsibility in their learning.  Sidnie, Harry, Arthur, Cohen and Brodie are all children who could be Pupils of the Week regularly.  They are always ready to start their work, they have all their equipment ready, they listen and follow instructions and are well organised and reliable.  This is a great demonstration of being responsible learners, well done to you all.


5 CW


Ashley F for responsibility for her learning. Ashley has been trying really hard this week across all areas of the curriculum and has been wowing us each day. She has made a massive improvement to her handwriting and always tries her best. Well done Ashley.


Orla for determination. Orla has been so focussed on her learning recently and it has been lovely to see her enthusiasm and independence growing. She is trying really hard and not giving up when things get tricky. We are so proud of you.


Reader – Seb H for great work in VIPERs this week using a dictionary to define unknown words.