10th March 2023

Pupils of the Week Friday 10th March 2023



Senara and Roman for their greater confidence in friendships and learning.

ROW – Noah, for his continued effort and enthusiasm.


Charlie – kindness

Logan – kindness


1 BM

Adeline- Enthusiasm – Adeline was so enthusiastic during our science lesson this week. She listened carefully to the questions and was able to give very thoughtful answers. She has a great deal of knowledge about everyday materials which she shared with us, thank you Adeleine.

Henry – Confidence and Creativity.  Henry worked extremely confidently in Art this week. He chose his materials carefully and demonstrated great creativity to make his sea creature sculpture.  Well done, Henry.

Reader of the week – Lerryn – Fantastic reading sessions this week. Lerryn read with super expression and her blending skills are becoming much quicker. She was able to talk about the events in the book with enthusiasm. Well done!

Special Mention for Freya– We were very impressed with Freya’s reasoning skills this week. We asked the question, ‘Was plastic around when the dinosaurs walked the earth?’ Freya knew that plastic was man-made material so could not have been around when the dinosaurs were alive because humans were not alive then. Well done, Freya!


2 HE

Holly for showing the virtue of empathy. Holly is always thinking about other people and what she might be able to do to make their day better. She is caring and thoughtful and can be relied upon to look out for her peers and the adults in the class.

Oscar – for the virtue of creativity in RE this week. Oscar volunteered himself to play the role of Jesus in our Easter story role play lesson. Oscar did not have any prompting from me, but listened to the ques in the story and acted things out so brilliantly. He took the role very seriously and this was a great visual aid to the other members in his class, to help them with the order of the story.

Reader of the Week – Joshua for his fantastic understanding and inference whilst reading a book called Finn MacCool and the Giant’s Causeway in Guided Reading this week.


2 NE

Elowen R is learner of the week for the improvements in her work this week and knowing that she is responsible for her learning. Elowen has realised to get better in her writing, she needs to listen and respond to the feedback the adults give her. She has listened this week and it’s been lovely to see how proud Elowen is of herself and her hard work. Keep it up Elowen, you’ll keep getting better and better!

Isaac is learner of the week for the commitment he has shown in our maths lessons. We have been learning about fractions and he has knocked my socks off with his fraction knowledge. Well done Isaac, keep up the great work.

Georgia is reader of the week for reading with fluency and prosody with Mrs Williams this week.

3 KD

Lochlan – We have really noticed Lochlan taking great pride and care in all his work.  He is really taking on board the whole class feedback on the presentation and we are really proud of his efforts to improve his own work.  Well done Lochlan.

Eben and Gracie have both had a fabulous week of learning.  We have really seen an improvement in their class participation, focus and attitude towards their work in general.  Keep it up.



Katie – we have really noticed over the last work how you are really trying to persevere with work, pop your hand up in class and doing your best with your learning. We have also noticed reading at home has stepped up. Thank you for listening to advice in class and following this up.

Jessa is working hard in all lessons and taking on board advice to continually improve your work. You are always focused and ready to learn.

5 RG

Oke for showing great resilience when reading Clicker 6 with Ms Smith.  Nothing phases him and he shows great determination to carry on with his tasks.

All of the Puffins Class.  I told them I had not been in their classroom before and needed their help and patience to find and do the lessons and they’ve show great empathy by helping me throughout the week.  The class also have been collaboratively working well together, with me, they are very carious and creative, especially in science thinking only giraffes have long necks

6 KH

Maya – not only for being a lovely member of our class but also for her amazing writing.  She has written the story of the Girl and the Fox and used fabulous vocabulary and included details that we had discussed as a class.

India – we were all so impressed when I read India’s story to the class.  It was absolutely fantastic – her choice of descriptive vocabulary left us all saying ‘wow’!   Great work India.

Orla – another fabulous writer in 6KH this week.  Orla’s story of the Girl and the Fox was fantastic.  I particularly enjoyed Orla’s choice of short sentences that added impact and her precise vocabulary choices.  Well done Orla.