17th March 2023

Pupil of the Week Friday 17th March 2023



Luca and Pipa for always showing respect towards others.

ROW – Willow, for her increased confidence and general love of reading.

Special mention to Alfred, for his super attitude, behaviour and listening in swimming yesterday.


Will – respect

Macie – respect


1 KB

Ethan W – Resilience

Harley – Diligence

Lucas – Reader of the Week.

1 BM

Cody – Determination and Enthusiasm 

Cody has shown a super attitude this week, he has been very enthusiastic and engaged in his learning. He has shown great determination. Cody worked hard to complete his writing task and should be very proud of himself. Thank you, Cody!

Joseph- Curiosity and Confidence 

Joseph has impressed us this week with his amazing scientific knowledge about ‘Everyday Materials’. Joseph was able to tell us all about the properties of different materials and their uses. Well done, Joseph!

Ethan- Enthusiasm and Confidence 

Thank you to Ethan for always putting so much effort into his learning. He was able to demonstrate some super gymnastic moves in PE, thank you. Ethan has also shown great enthusiasm during our science and maths lessons; always responding very thoughtfully to the questions and offering clear explanations. Well done!

Arthur- Confident and Challenge seeking 

We have been thrilled by Arthur’s reasoning and problem solving during our maths lessons. Arthur has been able to explain the range of strategies that he is able to use to solve problems. He has begun to make generalisations which we are very excited to investigate. Thank you for your super effort Arthur!

Reader of the week- Jayden 

This week Jayden has been using his reading skills to read mathematical problems; because of this he has been able to work independently. We are very proud of him. Well done Jayden!

2 HE

Evelyn for showing huge amounts of respect this week. Evelyn has tried so hard to focus on her learning this week and not get distracted by others. She has made huge impressions on the other children around her, who have been using Evelyn as their role model for respectfulness. I have been very impressed with her effort and attention.

Finley – for being an absolute Maths superstar. We are learning to tell the time in Maths and Finley has wowed me with his knowledge and understanding. He is being so focused in our lessons, putting his hand up and completing his tasks sensibly.

2 NE

Harvey, Neve and Harry S for developing their focus and concentration. We have been so pleased with their effort and determination to focus within our lessons and it’s been wonderful to see how much they have achieved because of this. Keep it up, we are so proud of you all!

William is our reader of the week for his fluency when reading with Mrs Williams.


2 SR

Jack – for being positive and engaged

Mollie – for being helpful and engaged


3 KD

Leyton for his lovely work in our writing sessions this week.  His choices of vocabulary have really matured and he is working hard to add lots of interest to his work.

Harry is always aiming high.  He is such an aspirational learner, trying his best at all he does and loving the challenges he faces.  Keep it up, Harry.

Special Mentions to Lillie and Brody for being such caring and thoughtful friends to Mila this week.

The reader of the week is Evie simply for her outstanding enthusiasm for reading and her keenness to join in our class discussions.


Jowan showing his patients and manners whilst chatting with Mrs G this week. Also, for continuing to work hard on his Maths.


Reubyn always being polite, hard-working and trying hard to continually improve his work.

Millie H for resilience.


6 KH

Jory – a super week giving 100% effort in his learning.  I have been really impressed with his engagement with his guided reading.  His hand has been up at every opportunity.  Keep this up Jory!


Chloe – I cannot believe how much more confident Chloe is with her maths and it certainly showed with our practice tests this week.  Well done Chloe – keep believing in yourself!