3rd March 2023

Pupil of the Week Friday 3rd March 2023



Gethin and Manny for their wonderful positivity every day.

Arya is our Reader of the Week, for her effort with toggle words and increased confidence.


Teddy – positivity

Bonnie – positivity


1 KB

Maisie – Positivity – During our PE session this week, we were practising bouncing a ball, both stationary and on the move. Maisie showed real positivity while practising this skill – even though she was finding it tricky, she never gave up and showed real resilience and determination. Well done, Maisie!

Amelia – Positivity – Amelia has been coming into school with a really positive attitude this week. Her Mum and Dad had to go away for a night and Amelia stayed with a friend, a few weeks ago this might have made Amelia wobble but she came into school with a smile on her face and a positive, confident attitude! Well done, Amelia!

Louis – Reader of the Week -Louis really impressed me with his reading this week, he was super focussed and determined to improve his prosody – he told he didn’t want to sound like a robot and he didn’t!! I was really impressed with how well Louis was tracking the words as we read together, he was always the first one ready and raring to go with the next sentence. Well done, Louis!


Paisley- Enthusiasm – Paisley shows great enthusiasm in all that she does. She approaches everything with such positivity and enjoys challenging herself and sharing her achievements. Thank you for always doing your best Paisley, we are very proud of you.


Freya- Confidence – Freya is showing a higher level of confidence when tackling her tasks and activities. She has become more confidence when sharing her thoughts and ideas with others. We are delighted with Freya’s efforts, thank you for your positivity, Freya.


Reader of the week- Alfie – Thank you for your effort and commitment to your reading Alfie. It was a pleasure to hear you read your book this week and we were very impressed by how fluently your read it. Well done, Alfie!



2 HE

Arlo – for showing the virtue of positivity in everything that he does. Arlo is a very calm, gentle member of the class and is incredibly focused. He is positive with his responses on the carpet and gets on with his work positively too.

Amaya – for her positivity in Maths on Wednesday. Amaya volunteered to come up and write a fraction on the board during our input. She got a bit muddled but noticed her marvellous mistake and corrected it with a perfect explanation. She remained positive throughout the lesson and her task, even though the learning was a bit tricky.

Special mentions: Poppy and Louisa for being so resilient in our DT work on Wednesday. They worked so well as a team, didn’t give up and even though their chair structure was not complete, they did not give up.

Reader of the week – Eveyln for some fantastic inference and deduction during a Guided Reading session with Mrs Eddy at the start of the week.

2 NE

Franek is learner of the week for his enthusiasm in maths this week, it has been pleasing to see Franek regularly raise his hand to answer questions and offer ideas. Well done Franek!

Elowen D is also learner of the week for her positivity. She has had a tricky week with a poorly relative but has approached each day with a positive smile! Well done Elowen.

3 KD

Arthur – Arthur has been chosen this week for his respectfulness when asked to do anything!  He just gets on with the task in hand without any fuss or creating and distractions.  He works so very hard and produces amazing results.  Well done Arthur.

Freddie – Freddie has shown so much enthusiasm for our new literacy unit.  It has been a pleasure to see his confidence in writing really grow and we love to hear all his wonder and creative ideas.  Keep it up Freddie.

Reader – Alice is our reader of the week due to the amazing progress she is making.  We can see that she is really working hard and taking on all the feedback given to her.

3 SG

Milly B – always being focused, working extremely hard on your work and manages distractions around you. You always come to school with a positive attitude towards learning and are always following instructions. Mrs G is very proud of you.

JoshuaSpecial Mention – well done Josh on an amazing week. You have worked extremely hard and really using a positive attitude toward your learning especially in your Phonics and reading whilst working with Mrs Long. We look forward in seeing you now applying this into becoming an independent learning.



Freya – For working collaboratively

Rex – For such a positive attitude towards his learning

Reader of the Week – Harry B. His reading aloud has progressed wonderfully.


Robyn – For showing great resilience and positivity in maths at the start of the week when we were working on prime numbers and prime factors – well done.

Reader – Leila – well done for showing positivity towards your reading.  You read every day throughout the half term holiday and had it signed off by an adult – great work.


5 CW

Eli, Beau and Imogen for positivity, readiness and effort. All three have been showing a real positive attitude towards learning which is great to see. Eli you are always ready to learn and put in a good effort, with a positive yet cautious attitude. Beau you have been so enthusiastic in our literacy sessions recently with some amazingly creative ideas! Imogen you have been so involved in your learning, trying to be more independent whilst really considering the needs of others such as with great sharing in music. Keep up the great work!

Reader of the week: Oke who always tries hard and has had some great humorous discussions with Miss Smith about phonics this week!


6 KH

Lily I – for her setting description that she wrote this week.  Not only did she include everything on our checklist, but she also included the opening sentence from our reading text which added to the suspense of her setting – “The night hung like a curtain.”  Fantastic Lily!

Emily – having been pupil of the week last week, Emily is here again.  The positivity and enthusiasm she is showing towards her maths has meant she achieved even higher in our weekly arithmetic.  Mr Frantz was also extremely complimentary about her cricket skills this week.

Stanley – a great week for Stanley and I was really impressed with him during our setting writing.  Stanley took onboard my feedback to make improvements and he also included everything on the checklist.  Well done Stanley.

Aiva – another member of the class who has made a huge improvement in their writing.  I was really impressed reading Aiva’s setting description as she totally transformed her original piece of writing.  Well done Aiva!