27th January 2023

Pupil of the Week 27th January 2023


Ollie for persevering with his writing in Phonics this week.  He has been listening to the sounds carefully in words before writing the letters, also thinking about his letter formation.

Alfred for his enthusiasm with our recent Space topic.  We have all enjoyed listening to the knowledge that Alfred has shared.

Reader of the Week – Roman for his growing confidence in reading and talking about the story.


Elsie – curiosity

Daniel – creativity

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Jenson – Commitment and Determination, Jenson has been really determined to improve his number formation and uses any spare moment to practise this. He has been really proud to show me when he has mastered a new number! Well done, Jenson – keep it up!

Mia– Commitment and Determination, I was blown away with Mia’s writing this week, she was so determined to make sure she remembered everything you need for a sentence – Capital letter, full stop, finger spaces. She used her phonics knowledge to segment words and worked really hard to sit her letters on the line.

Cora – Commitment and Determination, Cora really impressed me with her writing this week, she was determined to push herself and took on the extra challenge of adding adjectives to her writing. It is always a pleasure to read Cora’s sentences and I can’t wait to read many more!!

Lucas – Reader of the Week, Lucas has made a huge improvement with his confidence since I last read with his group. He is decoding the words much quicker which means his fluency is better. He worked so hard to read with expression and make his reading interesting for the listener and his comprehension was fantastic!

2 KJ

Evelyn for joyfulness

Maisie for respect

Reader of the week:  Maisie-Grace


Cadan is learner of the week for his enthusiasm in Maths. It has been lovely to see how Cadan has been enjoying Maths over the past few weeks and has been showing this enthusiasm at home too. Well done Cadan, keep it up.

Holly is learner of the week for orderliness. Holly’s presentation in her Literacy and Maths books is beautiful and it’s great seeing the pride she takes in her work. Well done Holly.

3 KD

Freddie and Hattie – Both Freddie and Hattie have impressed us with their improved work this week.  Hattie has been working really hard on her focus and concentration and this has been especially evident in her handwriting this week and listening on the carpet.  Freddie has also been much more focused and this can be seen in his reading and maths progress. Well done you two, keep it up.


Iwan is my reader of the week.  It was a pleasure to listen to him read today, he was thinking really hard about the expression he was using and engaging the listener.  Well done.




Albie for being so creative and focused in Literacy whilst being producing a poem. Keep this up Albie as you shown how engaged you can be with your learning.

Daisy – positivity and resilience.

Reader of the Week – Guy we can see you are working hard on your reading. Keep this up in school and at home. You are certainly growing in confidence.

4 SR

Jaxon – for always being so positive about his learning and the tasks he is asked to do. Nothing ever seems to trouble him.

Nura – for her unceasing enthusiasm for every lesson and every task. Nura eagerly engages with every lesson and always with a huge smile.

Reader of the Week – Grace – Grace’s reading is so well developed and mature. Great job!



Devon, Sam, Adam and Michael – for the enthusiasm and effort you put into your learning. You are all very capable learners but always give 100%. Adam – you are always there, taking notes, making contributions, thinking about what you are learning in class. Sam – you’re a confident writer but strive really thoughtfully to purple polish your work, moving it forwards with the changes you make. Devon – it is great to see the enthusiasm with which you throw yourself into all our learning, mulling things over, asking interesting questions and showing that you are really thinking about what you do. Michael – you have become so thoughtful and organised, getting your kit ready every morning before going to before school club and (like Adam) becoming one of the champion note takers in class. On top of all of this, all four of you really impressed us with the passion you showed for Maths recently – so keen to finish our fractions challenges that you took the work out to lunch and finished it as a group on the playground. Who could ask for more?

Readers of the week

Erin – For reading literally every day and recording this in your reading record.  Your Guided Reading is always up to date and read with care and attention to detail.

Bella – For making super notes about your Guided Reading book to help you to remember what you’re read – great work.

Special Mentions

Imogen – For respectful and thoughtful suggestions in our RE lesson this week.

Noel – For your enthusiasm and curiosity at home when it comes to our learning. This week you have completed times tables grids and researched the Chinese alphabet to support your work in History. Such great engagement with our learning is something to be proud of.


5 KH

Taylor – this week I have seen a much more focussed Taylor – especially with his arithmetic!  Keep this up Taylor!

Emily – for always putting in 100% effort – it is noticed Emily and you are an absolute delight to have in class.

Riley – for showing so much more commitment to his learning – this is particularly evident with his arithmetic.  Keep this up Riley!