20th January 2023

Pupil of the Week 20th January 2023


Harper and Harva for the resilience they have both shown recently.

Reader of the Week is Teddy for his growing interest and confidence in the books we are sharing.


Arran Turner – enthusiasm

Martha Harrison – confidence

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Tiffany– Confidence It has been lovely to see Tiffany coming into school so confidently this week and with a smile on her face! She has also shown that confidence during Phonics this week, giving so much effort and really trying her best to read and write words with new, alternative graphemes. Well done, Tiffany – keep it up!

Livvy– Confidence-Livvy has really impressed me with her enthusiastic and confident approach to Maths this week. We have been thinking about subtraction and finding missing parts. Livvy has been so confident and has been getting stuck in to all of our learning! She has been really proud of her achievements and so am I – keep it up Livvy, you are a little Maths Wizard!!!

Abigail – Reader of the Week Abigail has completely blown me away with her reading this week. She is able to confidently and fluently decode the words in the books and she has a wonderful, natural story-telling voice when she reads – it really is a pleasure to hear her read. I was also impressed with Abigail’s understanding of the story and how confidently she is able to explain her thinking. Whenever we have Independent Learning time in class, Abigail can be found with her nose in a book in the Reading Area. Well done, Abigail, I hope your love of reading continues to grow!


2 NE

Isaac is pupil of the week for his commitment to his writing. Over the past few weeks we have been learning to use similes and expanded noun phrases in his writing. Isaac wrote a setting description this week that included both of these and lots of lovely descriptive language. Well done Isaac, keep it up.

Caitlyn is pupil of the week for her resilience in maths. She hasn’t given up trying this week and her hard work is paying off. Well done Caitlyn, keep up the hard work.

Hugo is also pupil of the week for his excellence. He has blown me away with the language and skills he has used in his work this week. Well done Hugo, keep it up!

Harry P is reader of the week for his fluency when sharing a story with Mrs Williams. Well done Harry.

3 KD

Leo – I was so impressed with Leo’s literacy this week.  We have been creating poems about colours, using similes and metaphors.  Leo has stunned us with his imagery and choice of high-quality vocabulary.  Well done Leo, keep it up.

Lillian and Alice – I have been really proud of Lillian and Alice’s independence this week, especially in their literacy work.   They have both worked so hard to create their poems and include all the features we asked for.

Cohen is my reader of the week as he is always so enthusiastic about the texts we read and loves to join in our sessions.  When we discussed using our voices expressively, he really listened and tried so hard to include it in his reading.





Cisco – we are pleased to see you have taken on advice from us with regards to your writing and we have noticed you are working much harder and being positive about your writing.

Alba – has worked super hard with her learning this week and has challenged herself with her writing. Some fabulous similes have been made.

Special mention Josh– Amazing behaviour choices on Thursday and focused on his learning, even wanting to stay in and do more at break. Keep this up!

Grace for being collaborative; offering some great ideas and suggestions to class discussions.

4 SC

Joe – for his enthusiasm and commitment to our learning and for always sharing his great ideas and knowledge in lessons.

Kian – for his super progress and determination to work independently.

Thomas C – for some super work this week and determination to be more independent, as well as showing a great memory for important facts.

Special Mention: Vincent – for showing care and kindness to a classmate when he needed a buddy


4 SR

Reuben – for being committed to his learning in every lesson.

Milo – for always having a positive attitude to all of his learning.

Reader of the Week – Millie – for her mature, relaxed and confident manner with all texts.


POW – Jess

For the amazing resilience and positivity you have shown in Maths. We have been tackling fractions, which you haven’t found easy, but you have rolled up your sleeves and got on with the business of trying to overcome any obstacles in a really courageous way. You have impressed both Miss Smith and myself hugely with the positive way you have been working and the smile on your face at the end of a session shows how proud of yourself you feel. We are proud of you too. Keep it up.


POW – Lily

We have all been impressed by the courage that you have been showing in class in so many ways. We know you find some aspects of school life less comfortable but you always give everything a go and try your hardest. From joining in group discussions, to sharing ideas with the whole class, to working (and talking) with a variety of adults – you are trying so hard to be resilient. We are very proud of you. Keep it up. You have so much to offer – so many talents and abilities. We definitely believe in you and hope you are starting to believe in yourself too.


Reader of the Week – Michael

I have been super impressed by your attitude towards our work in VIPERS. You tackle our texts in a thoughtful way and have been so conscientious about jotting down the ideas and thoughts of others. On Thursday, instead of going out to a brain break, you chose to stay in to grab some more ideas and thoughts off the class sheet and put them into your notebook. That’s great enthusiasm and effort. Well done and keep it up.




5 CW

Lilly and Abigail for being so diligent and helpful! This week the girls’ have nicknamed themselves as extra TAs! They have been asking for lots of responsibility and jobs, always looking for anything they can do to be helpful. I have also been super impressed with the effort they have been putting in within lessons too and showing lots of curiosity. Fantastic role models for all girls, thank you.

Ash K for also being helpful and thoughtful. We have been doing some tricky DT this half term involving programming micro-bits and using 3D CAD and Ash is always trying to help those around him to make sure everyone understands what they are doing. Great work!

Special Mention for Jorgie- Bea for trying so hard with maths this week. A brilliant lightbulb moment yesterday! Keep it up!

Reader of the week Zander. For always trying hard in guided reading and some thoughtful contributions to discussions during VIPERs.


6 KH

Jack – for having a super week and making such progress with his writing.  After being challenged to include more conjunctions and ambitious vocabulary, he produced a super guide to owning a Miptor.  Jack has also been doing lots of extra work at home and bringing in geography, grammar, maths and history work!


Leo – I have been impressed with how much more prepared Leo has been to take advice and feedback on his writing this week.  He has written a fabulous guide to owning a Miptor.  He has also been much more focussed with the arithmetic this week.  Well done Leo.


Winnie – I have been impressed with how Winnie has asked for feedback on her writing so as to make improvements.  I know she has had a day this week where she didn’t feel great but she carried on and got through the day.  Well done Winnie.