13th January 2023

Pupil of the Week 13th January 2023


Eden for her gentleness

Charlotte for her enthusiasm.

Ollie is our Reader of the Week for his participation in our reading group and enjoyment of the text


Lowen – Aspiration

Pippa – Curiosity


1 KB

Lydia – Enthusiasm and Creativity-This week in Science, we learned a song about the properties of wood. Lydia was so enthusiastic about this activity that she went off after the lesson and wrote her own song about fabric. Well done, Lydia!


Ezra – Confidence and Independence -I have noticed a real change in Ezra’s attitude to his learning this term. He is becoming much more confident to tackle tasks and is showing how determined he is to be independent. Keep it up, Ezra!


Maisie – Reader of the Week Maisie is a brilliant reader and it’s a pleasure to hear her read. This week she has received her certificate for her sheer excitement and enthusiasm with reading and in particular how excited she gets when she spots a new sound or Tricky Word that we have learned during phonics. Don’t ever lose that enthusiasm, Maisie. Well done!


1 BM

Special mention to Evelyn for her helpfulness- 

Evelyn is always looking for ways to help in the classroom. She often asks if there is anything she can do to help us, but more importantly, she offers her help to other children in the class independently. A fabulous characteristic!


Readers of the week-

Summer- Super effort when recognising digraphs and trigraphs and blending phonemes together to read words. Summer’s confidence has delighted us, well done!

Brody has shown so much enthusiasm and improved focus in Phonics and Reading sessions this week.  We are so proud of him.




Finley for determination with his maths.

Caitlin for excellence regarding presentation, especially in maths.

Reader Mia for making excellent progress in phonics.




2 NE


Harry J is our pupil of the week for his friendliness and perseverance – Harry has been persevering with his work this week and it’s been lovely to see how confidence and pride develop alongside his new found determination to do his best. He has also shown his maturity in dealing with friendship issues this week and has been an amazing friend to others. Well done Harry, keep it up!


Hugo is also pupil of the week for his maturity amongst  friendship groups. He has made me extremely proud with how he has been inclusive of others. Thank you Hugo.

Logan is pupil of the week for his resilience in Literacy this week. He has always had his hand up to offer ideas and to put what he has learnt into his work. Keep trying hard Logan.

Reader of the week is Caitlyn for her amazing reading to others.

3 KD


Lillie L has blown us away with her enthusiasm and focus this week.  She is far more determined to complete her work and ha been smiling all the way through.  Keep it up Lilly, it’s so lovely to see you enjoying your leaning.


Alfie is pupil of the week for his focus and determination this week in all his earning.  We have asked Alfie to do lots of different activities and focus on his handwriting and reading skills daily.  He has taken on all these challenges with such enthusiasm and dedication.

Alfie is also the reader of the week this week for his wonderful progress and reading with such lovely expression.



Millie E always being extremely polite, kind and hard working. Mrs G was delighted to receive a phonecall this week from another member of staff to share how polite and cheerful Millie was in a situation. Keep being amazing Millie!


Jessa always willing to challenge herself, get involved in class discussion and has worked super hard on our poetry unit this week trying to relate colours to smilies whilst using her senses.

Guy for making mature and sensible choices and taking a challenging seeking approach to his learning – well done!


4 SC

Evie – for her care and kindness towards others and for her enthusiasm and positivity in all we do.

Theo – for his great enthusiasm for learning and his encouragement to others for their achievements.


4 SR

Amy – For always being so positive towards her work, whatever the task, whatever the challenge.

Jasper – For being so productive and supportive when working with others; Jasper is able to both develop his own understanding and to help others.


Reader of the Week – Rex. His reading continues to progress fantastically. He reads at home and in school, and his reading-aloud is wonderfully mature.



5 RG

Eadie – We are really impressed with how hard you are working and the way your confidence is growing. You are always there listening thoughtfully, thinking about what is being discussed. You are a great contributer – hand always up to share your thoughts and ideas (even though we know this isn’t always comfortable for you). You are tackling your work really thoughtfully and are fabulously focussed presence in class. Keep it up. It’s great to see you really starting to have faith in yourself.


Jasmine -You had a huge (very positive) turn around towards the end of the Autumn term and we were interested to see if you would keep this up after Christmas. Well you certainly have. You are now a really focussed member of class – always listening, always there notebook at the ready, trying hard to produce work that you can be proud of. You have become a really positive member of class – able to be a great influence on those you work with in terms of keeping them on task and engaged as well. You now show that you care about your work – seeming to really want to do your best and make yourself proud. You are developing so many great learning habits you should be proud. We certainly are.


Reader of the Week – Noel – Mrs Hamshar chose you for your positive attitude towards Guided Reading. She said that you work really hard on your reading at home. You always do your Guided Reading homework and even go to the trouble of making notes to support you when answering questions back in school. A fabulous effort, Keep it up.


5 CW

Aiden for responsibility. It has been commented by different adults across the school this week how Aiden has been trying really hard in sessions, particularly with showing good listening in swimming and Art. Keep up the great effort – we love to see you focus.

James for being challenge-seeking. James always tries his hardest and sets a good example to those around him. Mrs Williams was really impressed with his maths work on Wednesday too. Well done!

Special mention – Aiva for trying to use semi-colons in her writing – even during her spellzoo time!!

Reader of the week: Jorgie-Bea for really engaging during guided reading and it was lovely to see you chuckle finding humour in the story!